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 Demon Cave PvP Dungeon

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Demon Cave PvP Dungeon Empty
PostSubject: Demon Cave PvP Dungeon   Demon Cave PvP Dungeon EmptyTue 4 Jul - 20:38

Take the « Gatekeeper » at « Auction House /Capital » to enter the PvP dungeon.

Once you are in the dungeon , each faction acess to the first room who will be the « Spawn »

At the end of the corridor is located a « Portail »  to reach the second room , The difference is that the factions have to fight each others.

In the third room you will not only have to fight monsters and one of the hardest boss named  « Bahamut »  but also the other faction .

« Bahamut »

Demon Cave PvP Dungeon Screen13
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Demon Cave PvP Dungeon
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