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 Snow Cave PvE Dungeon

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Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  Empty
PostSubject: Snow Cave PvE Dungeon    Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  EmptyTue 4 Jul - 20:09


The  « Gatekeeper »open a dungeon that can accommodate a maximum number of players in a union. To enter the dungeon you use the « Portail » located in the « Capital »

Look at your  mini-mapyou can see the portal location

Light :

Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  Screen12

Dark :

Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  Screen13

here's what the « Portail » looks like :

Light :

Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  Screen11

Dark :

Snow Cave PvE Dungeon  Screen12

Its better to do the dungeon with a minimum of 7 players , but nothing prevents you from doing it with more peoples.
The last dungeon 60 minutes  everyday at 19h

Once inside, you will progress in the dungeon battling the bosses, for each boss killed the rewards get betters

The dungeon has a limited time. , when reached, the players are teleported to the « Capital »
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Snow Cave PvE Dungeon
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