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 Recruitment [GS]

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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-06

Recruitment [GS]  Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment [GS]    Recruitment [GS]  EmptySat 9 Sep - 6:14

Hello, good night,

The staff is currently looking for GS, if you are interested please submit your  serious candidacy right here with the following criteria:

---> Brief presentation IRL.
---> Your faction, your nickname GIs.
---> Your availability (hours, days ...).
---> Your skype (on post or in ticket).
---> Your knowledge of the game, the rules, your motivation to become GS.

We will be uncompromising in your presentation  don't  write loads, but a rigor and neat post .

I wish you a good presentation, and good luck to you.

Recruitment closed

Sincerely Team The last Shaiya.
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Recruitment [GS]
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