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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-06

Customizations  Empty
PostSubject: Customizations    Customizations  EmptySun 27 Aug - 21:56

Hello everyone, here i'll post pictures of all the set with every customizations available, for each class.

Fighter/Defender II :

Customizations  Screen11

Customizations  Screen42

Fighter/Defender III :

Customizations  Screen13

Customizations  Screen14

Fighter/Defender IV :

Customizations  Screen15

Customizations  Screen16

Archer/Ranger II :

Customizations  Screen18

Customizations  Screen17

Archer/Ranger III :

Customizations  Screen22

Customizations  Screen21

Archer/Ranger IV :

Customizations  Screen19

Customizations  Screen20

Priest II :

Customizations  Screen23

Customizations  Screen24

Priest III :

Customizations  Screen27

Customizations  Screen28

Priest IV :

Customizations  Screen25

Customizations  Screen26

Mage II :

Customizations  Screen29

Customizations  Screen32

Mage III :

Customizations  Screen34

Customizations  Screen31

Mage IV :

Customizations  Screen33

Customizations  Screen30

Warrior/Guardian II :

Customizations  Screen38

Customizations  Screen36

Warrior/Guardian III :

Customizations  Screen39

Customizations  Test11

Warrior/Guardian IV :

Customizations  Screen37

Customizations  Screen35

Hunter II :

Customizations  Screen43

Customizations  Screen48

Hunter III :

Customizations  Screen45

Customizations  Screen44

Hunter IV :

Customizations  Screen47

Customizations  Screen46

Assassin II :

Customizations  Screen49

Customizations  Screen54

Assassin III :

Customizations  Screen50

Customizations  Screen53

Assassin IV :

Customizations  Screen52

Customizations  Screen51

Oracle/Animist II :

Customizations  Screen55

Customizations  Screen59

Oracle/Animist III :

Customizations  Screen57

Customizations  Screen56

Oracle/Animist IV :

Customizations  Screen58

Customizations  Screen60

Last Shaiya,Staff
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