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 A couple of modest suggestions.

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PostSubject: A couple of modest suggestions.   Mon 7 Aug - 16:00

As the title suggest here are my proposals..

1. Increase dispel range to match that of healing.

2. Make it possible to dual box as the rule 5.1 states we can but I can't without patching the game.exe thus breaking the rule 5.2.

3. On the max stat re-roll make it possible in slot 3/4 to select mp/sp as a healing class I would much rather mp than int.

4. Make it so each individual vote give 300 each reward as so often oxigen100 link don't work.

5. Remove or decrease the cool down of Resurection skill to maintain the pace in PVP.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions and I'll be sure to add a few more as I spend more time on the server as I'm only on day 2 though I am thourougly enjoying it so far.



#Side note - Need to fix orc as my wrist are invisible D:

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PostSubject: Re: A couple of modest suggestions.   Wed 9 Aug - 20:40

Hello Dr.ZeuS,

We take into account your comments.

The Last Shaiya.
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A couple of modest suggestions.
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