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 GM Application!

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Date d'inscription : 2017-07-12

PostSubject: GM Application!   Mon 24 Jul - 17:20

1) Name: Eddie
2) Age: 17
3) Country: Israel
4) Languages: Arabic/English/Hebrew
5) Experience in Shaiya: Im playing shaiya since 2011, ive been GM for 8 mounthes, GMA in heineken and GS in xXx and few servers.
6) active time[days/hours]: im online everyday, 3-10 hours.
7) Why we should take you as GM?: im applying because ive been GM for a long time and i have more than enough experience, i can help with small things, modifying maps, recoloring gears and adding gears to game.
8 ) anything you would like us to know? Im offering my time to play as GM, im ready to do anything for server such as adding items or editing or any if ADM/DEV asks me, take care of other staff members if needed..... i was born in Canada, my family moved to Israel for my school, i like playing shaiya alot and everyday. i like making events, making videos and making massive PvP!.
9) How can we contact you?[Gmail/Skype]: Skype: askmask117

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Date d'inscription : 2017-07-30

PostSubject: Re: GM Application!   Sun 30 Jul - 9:26

je m’appelle Quentin j'ai 18 an je viens de suisse je parle et j'écris le français en anglais je suis pas très top mets je me débrouille au pire il y a google traduction

en ce qui concerne le jeux j'y joue depuis 5 an j'ai déjà pu tester GM ce qui ma intéresser à venir postuler aujourd’hui j'ai aussi pu être GS sur quelque serveur et je pense avoir la capacité a devenir GM

je pense pouvoir être d'une grande utilité au seins du staff ainsi qu'au joueurs j'aime aider les autres joueur à régler les problèmes ou a renseigner sur des maps ou les drops

ces sur quelque ligne que j’espère pouvoir vous convaincre et au pire on se retrouvera sur le jeux toute bonne lecture et à très vite sur le jeux^^

Mon Skype: walaquentin

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Date d'inscription : 2017-08-05

PostSubject: GM/GS Application   Sat 5 Aug - 20:19

Name: Jay
Age: 17
Language: English
Country: U.S.A.
Why i want to become a GM: I've been playing Shaiya for a couple of years now, i originally started off on the original server and over the years I've fallen in love with the game. i love interacting with players and helping people out with problems. I would also be love to be able to host events and help the server grow in any way i can. I have been looking for a server to be a GM in and be loyal to for a while now and this one is really new so I'd like to help it grow and become the best server out there.I play every day for at least 3-5 hours. thank you for your time Smile.
you can contact me through skype @ "jehkisingleton" or my email jehkisingleton @gmail.com
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Date d'inscription : 2017-08-08
Age : 18

PostSubject: GM/GS Application    Tue 8 Aug - 16:08

1 ) Name: Angelika
2 ) Age: 18
3 ) Country: Poland
4 ) Languages: Polish/English
5 ) Experience in Shaiya: I played OS from about 2 years, then hopped on the private server train starting with Spectral Shaiya (long time) and uh... yeah randomly pop up on servers for play testing and giving feedback as well as helping with some coding, coloring, and customization support.
6 ) Active time[days/hours]: 2-5hours everyday.
7 ) Why we should take you as GM/GS?: because i like help the new players, i can login everyday... i've been playing shaiya for 7 years then i know this game well
8 ) Anything you would like us to know?  I will help to get more players. I want to help the people if they ask questions about in server and there problems.I can also help to grow up the server and  I need to report if theres some bugs in game . And also i want to host some events in the server.
9 ) How can we contact you?[Gmail/Skype]: Skype : adzia9911
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Date d'inscription : 2016-10-06

PostSubject: Re: GM Application!   Wed 9 Aug - 20:43

Thanks for the interest you bring to the server, We always look at the applications.

The Last Shaiya.
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Date d'inscription : 2017-08-10
Localisation : Cebu, Phillippines

PostSubject: Re: GM Application!   Sat 12 Aug - 16:32

2)Age:21years old
4)Languages:English / Fillipino / arabic(slight)
5)experience in shaiya: i played Shaiya Elite pass years ago , and ive been experience to be a staff in so many shaiya server, helping new players , helping server up .
6)active time[days/hours]: 6-12hours everyday.
7)why we should take you as GM/GS: because i want to help this server populat , i want to help newbie in server i want this server up for 20years up .
8)anything you would like us to know? : to knowing all staff members rules , to knowing who active staff members , to knowing , what there rules .
9)how can we contact you?[Gmail/Skype]: Skype rairaiken

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PostSubject: Re: GM Application!   

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GM Application!
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